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Discover the right technology for your business

Swiss technology advisor for Wealth and Asset Managers

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What We Offer

As technology becomes an essential enabler and lever for Wealth and Asset Management companies, we provide hands-on guidance for strategic projects and we assist with our “Technology & Operations Manager as a Service” to run the business. Moreover, our large clients benefit from our support in their M&A initiatives to grow their business.


Why EAM.Technology

Independent mind

We understand and represent our client's interests – free of hidden interests.

Industry insights

We have unique industry insights based on many years’ working closely with and for providers.

Hands-on work

We perform hands-on work and deliver when the job is done, freeing up your valuable time.

360° view

Our 360° view of the context, processes and dependences brings clarity and effectivity.


Position Paper

How can technology and outsourcing empower the EAM business?

Position paper for independent asset managers and family offices

Language: German

Date: November 2021

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