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In a world of constant change, your business needs to modernize and innovate in order to bring value to your clients, comply with regulations and run sustainable operations. Knowing how to take advantage of new technologies and operating models to gain a competitive edge remains key. 

We support you in your digital transformation at any stage of your journey.

Change the Business

The constant in a world of change

We support you in your change process – independently and effectively – by providing everything from a second opinion before an important decision, evaluating and implementing a PMS & CRM system, or running an initiative to enhance your data quality and customer experience.

Run the Business

Operations as a Service

The need to have an efficient and technology-driven operation that enables business is becoming even more critical. Finding and attracting the right people for part-time assignments is a challenge. We solve the gap by providing the right role as a service – outsourced to industry experts.

Grow the Business

Growth in market consolidation

The FINMA regulation triggers a strategic reflexion for EAMs who prefer to join an established operation rather than upgrade their own. We support our large clients in their M&A initiatives and leverage the opportunity to find target EAMs that fit their culture and growth strategy.

Change the Business

Through expertise, digitization and automation, we increase your efficiency, process compliance, business continuity, and innovate your client interaction, thus providing a sustainable basis for your growth.

Trending Topics

  • PMS & CRM systems

  • Compliance &  risk 
    management tools

  • Client engagement

  • Cyber security

Project Briefing

Depending on your briefing, we perform an initial assessment, analyze your requirements, evaluate your options and providers, co-manage the implementation and provide you with training on the new tools and processes.

Project Outcome

Your change initiative is being taken care of by experts who provide a clear basis for your decisions, and manage and represent your interests during implementation, thus securing your technology investment.

Change the Business
Run the Business

Run the Business

By providing the role of Technology & Operations Manager as a Service, we free up valuable core businesses resources for you, and increase your operational efficiency, data quality and business continuity.


  • Application management       (PMS & CRM)

  • Process management

  • Technology & innovation management

  • Vendor management


As an outsourced role, the main activities include centralizing the PMS & CRM system topics in your organization; configuring, updating and controlling the system, banks and market data feeds; liaising with third parties; gathering new requirements; providing internal PMS & CRM support; training users; and developing the technology and innovation roadmap.

Your Benefits

Your organization has a constant and well-defined manager for all technology, innovation and operations topics and processes, acting as a true single point of contact for internal and external parties. Technology opportunities and risks are mapped and actively managed.

Grow the Business

Grow the Business

By providing you with the expertise and methodology and promoting operational excellence, we increase your effectivity, sharpen your focus and amplify the attention you get in your effort to grow via M&A initiatives.

Success Factors

  • Objective view on your own organization

  • Company and operations presentation for targets

  • Actively spread the word and show your qualities

  • Structured process from first contact to closing

Project Briefing

We assess your objectives and your organization’s profile to better define what target profile fits you best. We follow up by designing suitable integration models and attraction and awareness initiatives, and we accompany you from the first contact to successful closing with your prospective targets.

Project Outcome

Your inorganic growth initiative is being executed in a structured and methodological manner by industry experts who provide objectivity and structure in the M&A process, thus maximizing the chances of finding targets that fit your strategy, culture and operational model.

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